Monday, October 24, 2011

One of my favorite parts of the day:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Citrus Lane

Ok, so this whole monthly subscription thing could get me into a lot of trouble. First the Bluum box, now this. But they are so much fun! Bluum is great because it allows you to try samples of fantastic products for mom and baby before you commit to paying full price, but Citrus Lane is totally different! They send you a box of full size products based on your baby's age and stage. I signed up for a three month subscription starting with a 5 month old box:

This box was PERFECT! It's full of stuff you need for a baby starting solids.

It included Ella Organics Apples + Bananas and Plum Organics Whole Grain Cereal. Both of which I had  just started using, so the timing couldn't be better. Then there was a 2 pack of Packin' Smart Stackable Food Containers. They are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. I've already made a batch of baby food for the freezer! The Baby Bjorn Soft Bib is so nice for those messy meal times. Just rinse off and hang to dry! The Rich Frog Beastie Ball is too cute. His name is "Greens" and he loves veggies. A nice addition to the mix and gives baby something to play with while you're busy preparing food for them to throw eat.

The 5 month box was one of the boxes they used for an example on their website so I knew what was coming this month, but I cannot wait to get next months in the mail! This is such a fantastic idea. Well done, Citrus Lane!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bluum Box!

I recently found out about a new company called Bluum. It's a subscription site that sends a box of goodies to your door every month! They find the fun new products for moms and babies, get great samples of them and then ship them to you! For as little as $9/month, you can get in on this too! Who doesn't love getting a pretty little package in the mail? 

I signed up last month for a three month subscription. I got my first box this week and wanted to share it with you! 

So when you get your adorable box, you open it up to find a menu inside:

This tells you what all is in your box this month.

On to the goods! First, there's a great sample size of Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream. Fantastic for those of us who got a few more than we'd like to admit. Next there's a FULL SIZE Episencial Soothing Cream. Looks like something I will definitely be using!

Then there's this fun bib. The Drooly Bib. It's waterproof on the inside, but is sandwiched in between two layers of super soft fabric. I have a teething baby, so this couldn't have come at a better time! 

I LOVE this next item! A Snack Happened reusable snack bag from Itzy Ritzy. Little Man isn't eating solids yet, but I always have a bag of trail mix or something for me in the diaper bag. Mama's have to eat too :) Isn't the fabric adorable? Too cute! 

And there's a sample of a Bamboo baby wipe from Bumboosa. They're a great, eco-friendly company that plants trees for the purchases you make. They also added a cute little piggie magnet for baby :) 

I think the Bluum team did an incredible job with this box. I am so excited to get next months! Get over to and check it out!

One of Those Days

It has been one of those days. The ones where you have to reheat your coffee at least 5 times. The ones when a million things need to be done, but someone is requiring your undivided attention. The ones where you you'd like to eat breakfast... or lunch... but don't have a free hand to grab something. The ones when you may or may not still be in your pajamas at 1pm.

Yes. It's been one of those days. But then I see this adorable face and I may as well have just gotten out of bed; started the whole day over. Everything is just as it should be.

                                                                I love my Little Man.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Skip Hop Versa Review

I am SO excited! I have been drooling over this diaper bag for months, but could never bring myself to spend the *cough*$80(!)*cough* on a diaper bag. I mean, come on, how much are you really going to use it?! Well, after 4+ months of never getting to carry my favorite purse (sigh), plus the fact that this is my first baby (we hope to have a few more!), I realized that I may not be able to carry a purse for quite some time. I searched and researched for so long trying to find a diaper bag that didn't look so much like one. I wanted to find one that looked more purse-like. So armed with my 20% off Babies R' Us coupon, I took the plunge.

I must admit, when it comes to bigger purchases, I'm a sucker for pictures. I want to see every inch, every detail of the product that I could be buying. And while I researched this bag a lot, I didn't find any picture reviews that showed exactly what this baby could handle. And as a cloth diapering mama, I need to know that my diaper bag has some space! So here's the best picture review I could muster up for you:

This is the Skip Hop Versa in Cream Links. Let me just say how pretty the outside is! I love the pattern and the fact that it's modern and grown up. A lot of times I love the fun patterns on diaper bags, but let's face it, they still look like diaper bags.

The Versa has this fantastic feature where the middle of the bag unzips to reveal this bold orange fabric that expands and gives you 20% more storage! Gotta love more storage.

This is the inside of the bag once it's all packed up. It may not look like much is in there right now, but just wait.

I LOVE that this bag comes with a changing pad that has it's own zippered pocket. I hated trying to shove my old changing pad into a pocket that it never seemed to fit into.

It also has this great little zipper pocket in the front for pacifiers/cell phones.

And those cute little straps on the side? Not just for looks! They hook onto themselves so they're able to slide onto stroller handles. 

 Ok. So here's what all is in the bag:
   ~ 2 Cloth diapers/Wet bag 
   ~ Baby toy
   ~ Muslin Blanket
   ~ Burp Cloth
   ~ Change of clothes & socks
   ~ A stack of cloth wipes
   ~ Bottle
   ~ Formula Dispenser
   ~ First Aid Kit 
   ~ Wallet
   ~ Reusable shopping bag
   ~ Mom stuff (makeup/mints/etc.)

I might add that all of that fit while it was still zipped! So after unzipping the center for more storage, I could easily fit another 2-3 cloth diapers. (I take 2 for errands, 4-5 for a whole day out)

All in all, I think this is a great bag! I love that it has so much room for storage even though it doesn't look that big from the outside. I love the pattern of the fabric, the fact that it's waterproof AND it's made of eco friendly materials! I would definitely recommend this bag to anyone who is looking for a cute, stylish diaper bag.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fluff Mail!

Last week I was the lucky winner of, not one, but TWO blog giveaways!! I can't even tell you how excited I am!
Well, today I got both of the packages in the mail. Just look at all this great stuff!

This is from blog giveaway #1. I won a Fuzzibunz cloth diaper, two packages of inserts for said diaper, two wet bags, cloth diaper detergent and a whole line if organic baby bath products from Charming Cherubs. Can you believe it?! Such a fantastic giveaway! Thanks, A Mommy's Blessing!

This is from blog giveaway #2. I won five cloth diapers, a wet bag, cloth wipes and wipe spray! Thank you,!

With a new baby on the way (in less than 10 weeks!!), I feel so blessed to have received so many cloth diaper and bath products to get me started. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to cloth diaper, but they can get a bit expensive to start your stash. I can't wait to have the little man here! One thing is for sure, he will have the cutest little cloth bum around :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Great Day For Free!

Ok, first of all, it has been WAY too long since I've posted. Ugh... But on a lighter note, I just had to share the last couple of days with you!
Wednesday was "girl day" with my mom and my sister. We went to Dallas and used our Groupon to get some yummy gelato at Paciugo's. Then we went to the Angelika Theater for a FREE screening/premiere of Jane Eyre! I have been so excited to see this, but then to get an email saying there was a free screening two days before it was actually released...woohoo!!
Yesterday (and today) from 2-5pm, Starbucks was giving away FREE petites with purchase of a drink! May I suggest the Tiramisu Cake Pop? Delish!! Then it was on to the mall (where I picked up some super cute jammies for my ever growing belly) to stop by Godiva for my FREE monthly chocolate! Seriously, if you aren't signed up for Godiva Rewards, you don't know what you're missing.

And if all that wasn't fantastic enough, last night I get an email saying that I won a cloth diaper package giveaway that I had signed up for over at! Ahhhhhh!! I cannot even tell you how excited I am!
So, seriously, people.... sign up for stuff! You can find some of the best deals out there! Sites like Groupon, Living Social, Saving Cents with Sense and The Freebie Junkie have fantastic deals and freebies all the time! It pays to sign up for a few email lists.
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