Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Green With Envy

Well, house projects are coming along slowly, but surely. My goodness, it does take quite a while to fix up a fixer-upper! So in the meantime, I am trying to bring some freshness and light into our cozy little home. And what better way to do that than with plants? I have been obsessed with "rescuing" these little leafy friends from their sad, small homes on the Lowes clearance rack (not that I'm complaining that they were on clearance!!). And, might I add, Lowes' clearance plant section is an excellent way to grab some greenery on the cheap. I try to pop by every week or so lately, to see what's new. I recently adopted a couple of sad looking orchids that I am currently trying to nurse back to health. Wish me luck! The rest of the plants I've purchased have been in very good shape, maybe just needing a little water and pruning. But for $1-4 a piece, I will water and prune away! So here's a little glimpse of my new little friends:

These beauties are in our bedroom and add so much color to brighten up the space. I love the texture that they bring and how they reflect off the mirror to look even more luscious.

This one is a Ficus. I just got him over the weekend and decided he would go quite nicely in the kitchen. I love glass on the counters, so having some pops of color really helps even things out. And you gotta love how much color those little nesting tea cups from Starbucks add! Sadly, they have been discontinued, but you can still find them at some stores on the clearance rack. (Have you noticed by now how much I LOVE  clearance racks?!)

Ok, now this one is just too cute. I never really thought about putting a plant in the bathroom (and yes, it is on the back of the toilet), but something about it makes the bathroom (which is in dire need of a makeover) feel a little more homey.

I think this one just might be my favorite... cute, no?

This little guy has defied all odds. He is actually from Ikea a couple years back, and even through moving several times and being sorely deprived of water, he just keeps on goin'! He's a fighter.

I think by now, I have a little bit of lovely, air-purifying greenery in almost every room of the house! (well, the ones that are finished at least) And I've been quite happy with how much they brighten the room! On top of looking oh so pretty, they help purify the air in your home! And who could pass up a pretty air purifier for under $10?

What about you? Where do you find your little bit of green? What are your favorites? I'd love to hear!


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